Start of Life

The beginning of life raises many ethical issues. Should we use technology to begin human life, such as with IVF and reproductive technologies? What about cloning human life? Should we end human life that has started naturally or artificially? What is the moral status of human embryos? When is a human a person? Such issues are discussed in the following articles and resources.

Society has a duty to protect the most vulnerable among us.” Irish Times (21 May 2018).

“Autonomy and Abortion: A Pro-Life Perspective.” Presentation at the Irish Citizens’ Assembly on the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution (5 February 2017). Links are available to the Paper, the Story, the Powerpoint slides, the Presentation and the Q&A afterwards. Media coverage in several articles is available (for the time being) from RTÉ News, Irish Times, Irish Times, Irish Times, the Independent, and the Independent.

Is it morally right to pay someone to have your child?” Panel discussion about commercial surrogacy, Prime Time, RTÉ News (13 January 2014).

Freedom of Choice is not enough to make abortion ethical.” Debate at the Literary & Historical Society, University College Dublin (25 September 2013).

People need to be free to act on their conscience,” Irish Examiner (3 July 2013).

Doctors should make any pro-life views clear, says ethics expert,” Irish Examiner (7 June 2013).

Suicide aspect of abortion bill must be removed to save unborn lives,” Irish Independent (7 May 2013), p. 22.

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