Nanoethics: Big Ethical Issues with Small Tecnhology

Nanotechnology promises to revolutionise everything from electronics and chemical coatings to drug delivery devices and implants. It has already brought antibacterial clothing, invisible surveilance devices, new drugs and better diagnostics. It  promises nanobots and better humans. The potential for many benefits is large, but what about the risks? Even if the positive developments materialise, will the poor benefit or only the rich? And what about those who want to use nanotechnology to enhance humans beyond current human limits? Science fiction has explored some of the these concerns, but are those accounts realistic?

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My book, Nanoethics, will inform you about the technological revolution going on around us and the ethical questions it raises. Nanoethics examines these ethical issues in an accessible and engaging way, moving between ethics, science and science fiction.

Click on the book cover above to link to the publisher’s website (Bloomsbury – formerly Continuum), where you can preview the book. Also available at or Below are some comments from others about the book.

“With such a disruptive technology, it’s hardly surprising that ethical questions arise, and they are engagingly discussed in a new book, Nanoethics.”
Claire O’Connell, The Irish Times

“Investigating eye-opening topics such as that of a ‘post-human future’ and ‘nanobots’, this is a fascinating study of our progresssion towards a dystopian society.”
Sunday Business Post

“Well written and combatively argued, this is a powerful succinct turn that also contains an entertaining chapter on Michael Crichton’s Prey.”
Business & Finance

Book Reviews

by Russell Powell in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

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